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Simon has real star appeal ...

By Nuala McKeever

All things galactic in the news this week. Stargazing on BBC has proved a surprise hit in the ratings, with more people wanting to look at real stars than watch fading TV stars Lenny Henry, David Jason, Jasper Carrot and Smith and Jones, in new comedy shows on Monday nights.

The sky at night fans have even found a new planet up there. It’s called S-H19086745 or something equally catchy.

And Simon Cowell’s hoping to send the winner of the next Britain’s Got Talent into space.

Bit of a step up from performing at the Royal Variety, to going into space on a Richard Branson space ship!

Question is, is it meant as a huge treat or simply a way of shipping them off so their subsequent obscurity doesn’t come back to haunt Mr Cowell. Anyone remember Paul Potts or George Sampson..?

They were stars, apparently, but not sure what size telescope you’d need to spot them now.

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