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Sorry, but I just don’t want to be a copy Kate

By Nuala McKeever

Denise Van Outen wears a dress from M&S and next thing, it’s sold out all over the country and online.

It’s a green frock with hummingbirds on it. M&S says it’ll bring out a new version soon, with owls on it. (Is that for the “owl dears” who shop there?)

But DVO isn’t the only woman to inspire a rush on sales.

Every time Kate Middleton steps out in anything selling for less than £500 in a normal shop, sales go through the roof.

Even Samantha Cameron has had a similar effect.

Obviously there must be people whose idea of shopping is to scour the “weemin’s” sections of news websites and papers and then click and spend.

But the results are probably not always quite as photogenic as the trailblazers.

What looks good on a size 8 ‘sleb, may not reproduce the same elegance in a size 16 with poor abdominal control.

The Lady Di hairdo didn’t really turn most of its copycat fans from plain to princess.

Surely the secret of looking good is finding a style that suits you and wearing that.

But maybe style isn’t what a lot of people are after.

I guess a sheep doesn’t care if it looks good so long as it looks like all the other sheep. Baaaa humbug.

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