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Sorry, but not all men suit a 'tache

By Nuala McKeever

I'm kinda glad we're into December now. Because November has become a bit of a worrying time, since men in this part of the world started getting into the spirit of Movember.

The fund-raising idea of men growing moustaches for one month started in Australia, among sporty types. It was funny to see them trotting out onto the pitch all 'tache-d up together.

Less attractive is the sight of a guy you sort of know, maybe on the bus, or in a bar or strolling round the men's toiletries section of your local supermarket, who's suddenly sporting a very unflattering catepillar on his upper lip.

I can imagine lots of guys secretly wonder what they'd look like with a manly growth and have embraced the Movember lark just so they can try it on, under cover of laughing it off: "Ah, yeah, sure, it's just for charity, I know it looks daft, it's not like I'm takin' it seriously!"

I wonder how many of them, crushed by thoughtless women like me who've laughed in the face of their facial hair, secretly nip to the Gents for a little cry.

Sorry, but it's all just been a bit too 1970s porn film for my liking. No offence, but can we keep it (the face) clean from now on, eh?


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