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Sorry Mary, I’ll keep my old leggings

By Nuala McKeever

The Queen of Telling Small Shop-owners What They're Doing Wrong, Mary Portas, has opened her own boutique.

She says it's for those women, like her, over 40, who aren't catered for in the high street fashion chains but who aren't ready to embrace the classic section in Marks & Spencer. (Hey, don't knock it til you've tried it Mary, some of those cardis are mighty comfy.)

Hurray! At last, a shop where you won't feel ancient every time you pick up a top, only to discover it's actually a dress and it's in something called a size 4. (Isn't that actually a child's size?)

No more secretly pitying some middle-aged woman holding a skimpy skirt up to herself in the shop mirror to see if it suits and then catching sight of yourself in the same mirror and realising you look even older than she does.

And it's the last time you'll have to utter that frustrated shopping mantra: “Honestly, sizings have gone really small recently!”

Wow, shopping AND dignity. Can't wait

Unfortunately, having seen some of Ms P's stuff online, it's clear you need a very mature salary to afford her mature couture.

So it looks like an age-appropriate wardrobe will have to wait after all. Time to fish those pink spangly leggings out of the charity bag again .

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