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Stone me, Mick will be rolling in money

By Nuala McKeever

Much uproar at the announcement that tickets for the Rolling Stones gigs at the O2 Arena will cost up to £375.

Given that the band’s rumoured to be making £15m from playing just four concerts, you gotta wonder who comes up with these figures.

Maybe the guys totted up their ages and thought the total would be a good figure for a ticket price.

Since they’re all stinking rich by now, the actual numbers probably don’t mean much to them.

And if you’re happy to go on stage for 50 years and sing, “I can’t get no, satisfaction” over and over again, then there’s a chance you live in a world where you see yourself as cutting edge and rebellious with no need to dabble in the bourgeois world of cash and profit margins.

As long as the bottles of booze and buckets of drugs keep coming you’re okay. Obviously, in later years, that rider has changed to bottles of mineral water and buckets of herbal tea and cocoa.

Based on the most recent photos of the superannuated four, quite a lot of the profit will have to go to keeping Mick supplied with hair colouring.

His eyebrows alone are such an unnatural shade of young man brown, the dye must be costing him a fortune.

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