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Strictly speaking, I'll give Vanessa a miss

By Nuala McKeever

If there's one person who could upstage Princess Diana, it'd be Vanessa Feltz. Maybe not in real life, when Di was alive, but she sure tried to at the premiere of the new film about Diana's life, starring Naomi Watts, the other night.

It's just been announced that Vanessa is taking part in this year's series of Strictly Come Dancing. (I knew it was gonna be hard watching it this year on my own, but with her involved, I might have to give it a miss altogether). So she posed and danced and did leg kicks on the red carpet for the paps, looking every inch (and there were a lot of inches) this year's candidate for the "I'm really doing it to lose weight and tone up my bingo wings" category.

I noticed that I really have turned into my mother. Looking at photos of Vanessa I couldn't stop saying, "I can't believe she's only four years older than me! Four years! Can you believe it?"

The one blessing about Strictly being a dance programme is that BBC Radio 2's early morning exponent of aural torture won't have much chance to talk. I'm sure she's a lovely woman, but that voice!

With any luck the exercise will leave her Strictly Puffed Out.

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