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The City Hall is driving me Gaga

By Nuala McKeever

Is the news getting you down? Is the weather just giving you the blues? Are you devastated not to have got a ticket to the MTV Awards?

Well, I’ve discovered a fun new pastime that’s sure to brighten your day, if only for a short while.

It’s simple. You go onto the Belfast City Council website, bring up pictures of all the councillors and imagine each of them, individually, chatting to or dancing with Lady Gaga at the MTV Awards on November 6.

It’s still not clear how many of our councillors will be offered tickets or how the allocation will be decided, so I thought a suitability match on appearances might be a fun way to do it. A Fantasy MTV Awards League, if y’like.

To be fair, some of our glamorous young female reps would give any female superstar a run for her money.

And some of our men look like they’d have a great time with the woman in the meat dress (Jim Rodgers always looks game for anything) but there’s a number who look as if the chat might dry up PDQ if they were caught in a lift with the Gaga.

My front-runners are currently John Hussey, Chris Stalford and Janice Austin. Whaddayathink?

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