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The headlines that just scream Gotcha!

By Nuala McKeever

I'm not a headline writer, but I'm a huge admirer of those who come up with snappy, unforgettable ones. We all remember the (in)famous Sun headline after the Brits sank the Belgrano — ‘Gotcha!’. Not pleasant, but striking.

And there are funny ones, punny ones. Like the headline about English classes in prison entitled, ‘Prose For the Cons’. Loved that one.

But sometimes there are headlines that aren't so much clever as just hugely satisfying. This one I read last week tickled me hugely. It tells you everything you need to know about the story and it just has everything in it you could want.‘Vomit Bug Dublin Hotel Billed Derry OAPs For Phoning Doctor’. It takes a while to decipher but it's worth it. There's outrage, there's old people, there's a big heartless city, there's money-grabbing, there's Them doing it to Ours and, best of all, there's vomit.

What more could a reader ask? Thanks Bel Tel!

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