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The iPad... have I missed the point?

By Nuala Mckeever

Eh, I hesitate to ask this next question, since it may cast me out into that wildnerness inhabited only by un-hip losers, but here goes ...

What is the point of the iPad?

Before you snort with derision, hear me out. A few years ago we were sold smaller and smaller phones upon which, we were told, we could watch movies (among other things).

“But,” we cried, “isn’t that a very small screen upon which to watch a movie?”

“No!” we were assured, “it’s really comfortable watching Angelina Jolie on a two-inch screen. Honest.”

Now, it’s “Oh you must have an iPad — it’s so great for watching movies!”

“But I’ve got my small phone. Which you sold me.”

“What? You can’t watch movies on such a small screen! Are you mad? You need an i-fad. Sorry, iPad. Look! You can play games on it too and read books!!! Nice! Shiny! Mmmmm ...”

“Great — and can I use it as a phone? Where’s the mic?”

“Eh, no. But you can buy extra bits that make it into a phone.”

“So, basically it’s a cross between a too-small laptop and a 1980s-sized, not very mobile, mobile phone?”

“Well ... we wouldn’t put it like that.”

“No, I’m sure you wouldn’t. It’d be hard to fit all that into a marketing jingle. Even I can see that.”

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