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The Pryce could be right for new pontiff's doppelganger

By Nuala McKeever

The actor Jonathan Pryce must have been shocked when the new pope emerged, looking extremely like him.

Obviously, he'd now be a shoo-in to play the pontiff if there's ever a film made about his life. Perhaps a dramatised documentary about his activities in Argentina under the military junta, or his speeches about the Falklands really being Las Malvinas.

Mr Pryce might even be asked to step in and pretend to be the pope. If the real Vicar of Rome took ill, or was just too tired to go traipsing around on the Rome public transport system, a body double would be just the ticket. Might it even work the other way round? Might we see Francis treading the boards at the Globe some night?

I'm sure he'd cope with the crowds all right, but the actor ego might prove a little difficult for such a self-effacing individual. Probably best to stick to telling the globe how to act.

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