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There's just no accounting for not rioting ...

By Nuala McKeever

The fleg protests have cost us £20m apparently.

That's a lot of hospital treatments, books, houses, jobs, building projects etc. It's one hell of a price to pay for bugger all at the end of it. So here's my modest proposal. Next time someone wants a barney, why don't they, instead of reaching for a petrol bomb, reach for the phone number of a good accountancy firm?

Then, get the number-crunchers to show the police how much a non-riot situation would save the peelers and how giving that money instead to the individuals who would've been involved, could provide positive services to the community?

Fair enough, a lot of the non-rioters might not decide to spend a couple of hundred grand on improving their communities, choosing instead to blow it all on luxury cars, drink, drugs and flashy trainers, but still, it would encourage the economy a little and save so much hassle for the rest of us.

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