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'Tis not the season to be festive shopping

By Nuala McKeever

August 30, and Brown Thomas has put up its Christmas decorations and filled one of its floors with "seasonal" gifts.

I know, I know, these stories appear earlier and earlier every year, but it can't be helped. They're driven by reader demand.

According to BT it's not a totally warped sense of time and appropriateness that makes them erect fake trees before the summer rains have even ended, it's customer demand.

Of course! Sure don't we always see that?

At the end of every August, aren't we always struck by the hundreds of shoppers in their open-toed sandals and light cardies, racing around our department stores shouting, "Where's Santa? I demand to see Santa! My child needs a pair of red and green flashing deely-boppers for her head NOW and I'm not leaving til yiz sell me three pairs of reindeer-shaped slippers and two rolls of overpriced wrappin' paper!

Here, why's Mariah Carey not comin' out of yer speakers?!?!"

According to the shop's Group Buyer, Edel Woods: "You get people giving out about it and at the same time they are asking, 'How much is that?'"

Yeah, love, that's not because they're interested in buying the thing, it's because they can't believe how much it costs!

If you ever do meet a real person who's looking for Christmas in the summer, please take a photo and send it in.


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