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To David... with all my heart and Soul

By Nuala McKeever

Christmas has come early. David Soul, yes, David Soul, Hutch from Starsky and... is going to be in Belfast in January!!!

Ok, you’re under-whelmed. But spare a thought for the likes of me and all the girls my age growing up in celeb-starved NI in the Eighties. You had to be either pro Starsky or pro Hutch. I was Hutch, Hutch, Hutch! Maybe it was the blond hair or the way he was just so not Paul Michael Glaser...

And now, 30 years on, he will be performing the poems of Pablo Neruda at the Out to Lunch Festival on January 11.

I know, I know, never meet your heroes etc. I’ve seen him on TV. He’s older now. He’s not gonna leap over a stripy car and shout “Freeze!”, but still, there’s a wee flutter in my heart when I picture seeing him right there in front of me.

Better late than never...

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