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Traders take a punt on currency exchange

By Nuala McKeever

In the Republic of Ireland, it’s reckoned that there are nearly 300 million euro-worth of punts lying around that have never been exchanged for the new money.

How could so much dosh be lyin’ idle? Even DFS doesn’t have enough sofas down the back of which to hide all that.

Where is it all and wouldn’t y’think people would be keen to cash it in?

Traders in Clones are now wising up to this and are offering to take the old currency and give change in vouchers, which can be spent in the town. They then send the punts to the banks, who are still willing to exchange them for the current currency.

Makes y’wonder how many people here still have the old Northern Bank notes sitting in a tin somewhere, useless.

Can they still be cashed in for new notes?

I wonder how much a couple of hold-alls full would be worth? Ten years, out in six, with good behaviour?

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