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Turning on Daybreak would be a turn-off

By Nuala McKeever

Let’s hear it for academics in Detroit who have checked the brain activity of 26 women and come up with scientific proof that females with low sex drive have different brain patterns to those who have “normal” sex drives.

They linked the brains to scanners and showed the women blank screens, ordinary TV and erotic images for thirty minutes.

From that they worked out that a woman who isn’t in the mood isn’t in the mood because she doesn’t fancy sex.

She doesn’t fancy sex because it doesn’t appeal to her. So she doesn’t like sex, because she doesn’t like sex.

Maybe I am missing something here but wouldn’t it have been much quicker just to ask them?

“Does this turn you on?”

“No, give me a good book.”

We don’t know what “ordinary TV” they were shown either. Perhaps it was some clips of Daybreak on ITV. Might that explain the lack of interest?

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