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Unlike the great ship itself, I suspect kids’ inflatable Titanic may sail again

By Nuala McKeever

Have you seen the inflatable Stonehenge that’s just been blown up in Scotland!

It’s brilliant. It’s been created by a Turner Prize artist, Jeremy Deller, to reflect Britishness in this Olympic year.

He says the Olympics lack a sense of humour, something he wanted to put into the rather serious celebrations.

As bouncy castles go, it’s stylish, fun and at the same time, rather elegant and beautiful.

Unfortunately, an attempt to do something similar here has fallen foul of public opinion.

To be fair, it wasn’t planned as a work of art, but the inflatable sinking Titanic-like liner that appeared in a children’s play park as a big slide, has been roundly criticised. Bad timing. Poor taste.

Funny thing, a sense of humour. What’s amusing today isn’t always amusing next week, or on the anniversary of a tragedy.

But I’ve a feeling the sinking slide will be back, once the waters have smoothed over.

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