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Van Morrison's set for bright side of the road this summer

When is closing the roads to allow some "Prod" to take over and play music, preventing ordinary decent people from going about their business as usual, not a problem worthy of the Nolan Show and the Parades Commission? When the "Prod" is Van Morrison and the disruption is to facilitate his 70th birthday concert in Cyprus Avenue. Context is everything, eh?

According to the chief executive of the East Belfast Partnership, the August 31 gig will be a "warm, sunny, dry, positive day for east Belfast".

Smart man - can organise gigs and predict the weather. Or maybe he was describing Van himself ...

Penny wise and pound foolish...

Cheered to read that Poundland is buying up all the 99p stores and converting them to Poundland shops and that this will help boost profits to even more than the current £9.3m per half year.

Thank God someone's benefiting from all the poverty and misery imposed by government cuts and mismanagement of the banking world's crimes.

That extra penny on every transaction won't hurt anyone but it will certainly help a few (shareholders) to be able to shop anywhere other than Poundland.

As the saying goes: "Take care of the (99)pennies and the pound(land)s will take care of themselves".

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