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Vote split could give X Factor a No 1

By Nuala McKeever

Before the last General Election, it was suggested that an X Factor style vote would be the best way to select our politicians, since voting for songs and singers is so popular.

Well, that didn’t happen. But the idea isn’t as farcical as it seems. This Christmas, people who feel angry about the Lib Dems’ u-turn on student fees are being urged to vote with their wallets for a non-X Factor Christmas No 1 single by Captain Ska, called Liar Liar.

Also in the race to keep the Simon Cowell puppet off the top spot is a Facebook campaign, ‘Cage Against the Machine’ — four and a half minutes of silence, recorded in 1952 by John Cage.

Unfortunately, as last May showed us, a three-way split can be very dangerous.

We could end up with Cameron at No 10 and Cowell at No 1. Merry Christmas, eh?

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