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Watching the Trisha show instead of working is golden offer

By Nuala McKeever

Thousands of civil servants in Whitehall are being offered the choice of working from home for seven weeks this summer while the Olympics are on, to help avoid traffic congestion.

I imagine those who commute daily to dull offices are green with envy and fantasising about just how they’d fill their days, if they were allowed to do their job without leaving the house.

Trisha and Judge Judy on daytime TV, lots of easy snacking, not showering, not even getting out of pyjamas, sitting up in bed working on a laptop, checking Facebook, personal emails, and the BBC i-player, all thanks to wi-fi.

Welcome to my world! Apart from Trisha and Judge Judy, that pretty much sums up my self-employed working day.

But it’s not all glamour. You have to balance the opportunity to do sweet Fanny Adams, with the need to do something useful, otherwise the guilt is unbearable.

Mind you, it begs the question: If Whitehall can handle all those staff not being there for nearly two months, why are they there in the first place? Wouldn’t it save a fortune if people worked from home all the time?

Okay, jobs would go in sandwich shops, but think how many more people would be needed to work in biscuit factories to satisfy demand.

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