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Which duo got away with most?

By Nuala McKeever

Will Bowe and Fitzgerald, the Anglo Irish 2, go down in history like those other gruesome twosomes – Burke and Hare, Bonnie and Clyde, the Crankies...?

Admit it, for how many of us was our reaction to hearing those two laughing and scheming on the phone, the very epitome of that big word, schadenfreude. It was, wasn't it? The "I'm enjoying this hugely, mostly because I'm so glad it's not one of MY dodgy conversations that's been taped and aired across the media".

Which of us has never bantered a colleague or mate on the phone about getting away with something? Maybe not €7 billion, but still.

We've all done it. Slagged off a workmate, recounted a prank played on an unsuspecting "friend", or boasted, in a self-deprecating manner of course, about pulling the wool over someone's eyes?

The lesson must be, "Only speak as if the whole world can hear you", but sure who on earth could stick to that?

The other, more pressing lesson must be, get some bloody regulation and penalty system in place to stop immoral bankers having control over anything! 2008 it happened. But what's in place now to stop just such a thing happening again?

We may laugh at their misfortune, but the laugh is on us if we can't prevent a recurrence.

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