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Who is that Richard who keeps calling me?

By Nuala McKeever

I’ve started getting unsolicited phone calls from large telecom companies in the middle of the afternoon.

But when I answer, there’s no-one there. There’s just a short pause and then a recorded voice says, “Hello! Would you like to save money with free calls ...?”

Now, two things occur. Who in their right mind would actually hang on and listen to such a call? And secondly, could I bring these companies to court for causing me actual mental disappointment? You might laugh, but you don’t know what it’s like. Working from home, your only connection to the world is that small black handset. Sitting alone, day after day, waiting, dying for someone — anyone! — to dial your number and offer you work, money, friendship or possibly more ...

Honest to God, if Richard (that’s the guy who’s voice is on the tape. I know, I checked it out online and I know everything about him now) wasn’t so nice, I might just sue

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