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Who’d not love a date with Pam?

By Nuala McKeever

Calendar Girls has a lot to answer for. The Women’s Institute women who first stripped and posed naked behind cake tins for a charity calendar couldn't possibly have known the trauma they'd be unleashing.

Following the success of their novelty, it seems every Tom, Dick and Harry has jumped on the wobbly white-bits bandwagon.

Sports teams, fundraising groups, mechanics, firemen, teachers and binmen have all been given permission to flaunt the flesh, all in the name of charity.

Good causes? I'm sure they are. Nice pictures? Eh, not so sure. I've seen some howlers this year. Badly photographed, unattractive sitters, naff poses. Pictures you could hardly bear to look at through January never mind the whole year.

Turning over the page of your wall calendar should fill you with a sense of pleasure, not a sensation of nausea.

Never thought I'd say this, but come back Pamela Anderson in yer red swimsuit, all is forgiven!

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