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Why Barack is fighting the wrong battle

By Nuala McKeever

What are we doing spending money on sending arms to Syria, as suggested by US President Barack Obama? Where do we draw the line on conflicts in which we involve ourselves?

You only have to walk down the street any day, any city, any country and you'll find conflict, poverty, injustice, hunger, pain and neglect.

Why is Syria worse than the grinding low-level day to day misery of millions in Africa or China or some parts of the United States of America or right here in Ireland? Do hundreds of thousands of people being killed stack up as worse than millions living in misery?

If we're not prepared to sort out our own problems, why the hell are we proposing to solve other countries' problems?

So the Russians or the extreme Muslim factions will get the upper hand. And then what? Will we all die? Did we all die the last time something didn't go "our way" in the Middle or Near or Far East?


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