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Why Ed doesn't have the look of a winner

By Nuala McKeever

Steven Spielberg might wanna consider making a sequel to his Band of Brothers series based on Ed and David – (Mili)band of Brothers....

It's got all the ingredients for a gripping watch.

Two brothers – one a leader, the other a look-a-like for Wallace out of Wallace and Gromit, who IS the actual leader but with no hope of ever becoming Prime Minister.

Say what you like about Ed, he just looks too dopey to be taken seriously.

That's not as shallow a statement as it sounds. How believable someone looks as a leader matters hugely to people. Maybe it shouldn't.

Maybe politics should only be conducted on the radio or by e-mails, but the reality is it isn't.

David looks smart. Ed looks somewhere between cute and goofy. I'm sure that he's a nice guy but he just doesn't look like a leader.

When he opens his mouth it's like he's been practising eating 1970s-sized wagon wheels for years. He lacks gravitas.

Cameron looks a bit naff too, but he's never tipped the scales into having a cartoon face.

Ed can't help it, but with his brother gone, Labour doesn't just need to find policies, they need to find someone who can deliver them without looking as if secretly he's thinking about a lovely piece of Wensleydale when he gets home.

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