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Why I'd like Kevin to simply log off!

By Nuala McKeever

Isn't the Kevin Bacon ad for some new form of electronic connection too depressing for words?

It's supposed to show how everyone's connected but when he peers in at a "family", the Ma's on one laptop and the two teenage children are on the settee, each with laptop or tablet, doing separate things online and the funny punchline is that Dad is out in the garden watching some film on his hand held device.

Ho, ho, ho, I nearly boked. This is meant to be a modern twist on the nuclear family all doing stuff together, but it's just horrible! Is this aspirational? Working hard to get a "nice" house so everyone can co-exist without talking to each other cos they're too busy "communicating" in cyber world with people who are, presumably, sitting in similar locations, doing the same thing?

One power cut, his "family" would fall apart. A lot more than six degrees of separation.


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