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Why I’m always feeling hot under the collar

By Nuala McKeever

There aren’t many benefits attached to being a woman of a certain age, approaching a certain change in her life. But there is one.

While the younger, less hormonally challenged types are busy scouring the internet and news programmes to check the weather, we have no need to.

We can reclaim at least 10 minutes of each day that would normally be spent enquiring about the forecast, watching it or discussing it. Because for the us, the forecast is the same, day and night, 24-7-365. We don’t need Cecilia Daly to tell us what it’s going to do out there because in our own private weather system it’s always the same — hot and sticky.

Well, maybe not always. Sometimes it varies. Sometimes it’s hotter and stickier.

Gulf Stream causing havoc for the barbie season? Unexpected flooding creating problems for your home? Gee, we’d like to feel sorry for you but we’re too busy mopping up ourselves. Everyday.

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