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Why it's Groundhog Day for the DUP

By Nuala McKeever

The DUP have time to put forward motions in Belfast City Council condemning the murders of two corporals in west Belfast many years ago. The same party helped set up a Unionist Forum to look at problems in loyalist areas, following the fleg protests.

That forum says it can't produce a report for another eight months because its members are busy people and it hasn't the funding or administration to get it out any sooner.

Hmm... where do the DUP's priorities lie? Do they really want a solution or are they happy to let deprived areas fester just so long as this feeds disaffection among the people which can be diverted, via spurious anniversary-of-atrocity motions, into anti-Alliance fervour?

It's one thing to use tactics to further your political aims. But it's quite another to raise tensions, knowing that this might well lead to public disorder.

Looks like they're in danger of doing it all over again ...

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