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Why Madge isn't music to my ears

By Nuala McKeever

One thing the Olympics did which was irritating, (apart from the much-criticised jingoistic coverage by the BBC) was to play rock and pop music in the stadium when races were happening.

What's that about? Seb Coe was asked if he thought it appropriate and he said yes, so that tells you all you need to know.

It's becoming increasingly difficult to be anywhere in public without music playing now. It's awful. You expect it in shops and restaurants and bars.

It's normally far too loud but whatever. That's what we've had for years.

But now, it seems as if everywhere is fair game for this enforced racket. Buses, trains, stations, airports, parks and even beaches are now deemed suitable locations for "background" music.

Problem is, it isn't in the background. It's loud and annoying and it needs to stop! I said, "It's LOUD AND ANNOYING AND NEEDS TO STOP!!"

What will Madonna or ACDC or bloody Cold bore, sorry Coldplay, add to my enjoyment of travel or walking or swimming? If I want music, I'll listen to my own, on headphones.

When you ask people if they want it, they generally say no. So who's decided it's what we want? Whoever you are, can we just have our pleasant ambient sound back, please? I said, "PLEASE!"


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