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Why religion doesn't have a prayer

By Nuala McKeever

Lots of wailing and gnashing of teeth over the Church of England's decision not to allow women bishops. They say it'll set the Church back centuries ...

Eh, hello? Isn't every church already back centuries by definition? The very fact they had to debate women's rights to be treated as equals shows how outdated the whole set up is. At its head is a monarch whose great, great x 10 granddaddy invented the CoE in the first place to satisfy his lustful urges. Great foundation.

Most organised religion is based on separateness, defining itself by what it isn't, by how it differs from others. Where's the love? Churches are, by definition, anti-love. They have to be. Any group that says you have to be like this or that in order to be with us, is based on separateness. That's not love. Love is oneness, acceptance. Talk of acceptance while simultaneously saying women can't be priests or bishops because that's not how it was done 2,000 years ago! Oh dear, don't get me started. That anyone finds this whole subject worth debate is beyond me. It's not women bishops that shouldn't exist, it's bishops, full stop. And priests and nuns and rabbis and imams and all those other perpetrators of religion as opposed to spirituality.

Who needs religion? Isn't God enough?


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