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Why some slimming tips are a piece of cake

Have you ever actually clicked on that ad that says, "Cut down on a bit of belly fat each day by using this one weird old tip"? No, of course you haven't, you have a life.

I did once, many moons ago, when Tuesday afternoons were empty and I gave a damn about my belly being too fat ...

Can't remember the weird old tip, just recall having to scroll down through electronic forests of pages, never actually getting to the point.

But maybe that was the point.

All that time spent scrolling down the screen, waiting for the answer, was time you couldn't spend filling your mouth with cake and THAT was how it worked! "Keep 'em distracted with this codswallop and the pounds'll just melt away."

Aha! Did you see what they did there?

Sometimes the search for the end result, IS the end result. The journey IS the destination.

How very profound. That deserves a reward.

Hmm ... cake anyone?

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