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Will Boyle be Olympic golden boy?

By Nuala McKeever

The excitement’s mounting! It’s only six months till the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games!

Can’t wait to see what spectacle the UK puts on. It has to be something phenomenal to rival the shows of the past Olympics.

Something that reflects the host nation, but looks outward to the rest of the world too.

The director chosen to create the UK opening ceremony is Danny Boyle, who’s famous for two films, Slum Dog Millionaire and Trainspotting. He’s announced that the theme for the opener will be Isles of Wonder, which is about a land poisoned by industrial legacy and then recovered.

Uh-ohcan’t help thinking that such a storyline brings to mind that sequence of Ewan McGregor in Trainspotting, diving into a filthy toilet and swimming around, rather than the colourful dancing scene at the end of Slumdog.

Maybe he’s aiming for both. Filthy start, emerging into a bright joyful ending!

I can see it now, thousands of dancers holding aloft toilet seats like hula hoops, swirling, forming words, spelling out the thought in lots of people’s heads, “How Are We Going To Pay For All This?”

Don’t worry, the organisers have that covered. They’re gonna charge babies for seats.

Even ones that haven’t been born at the time of ticket booking. Good old Blighty, that’s the spirit!

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