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Will drink plans stop us boozing like Lindsay?

By Nuala McKeever

Looks like I picked the right time to give up the drink.

The price of it’s going up again, the government’s cracking down on binge drinking, again, and the middle classes are all coming down with liver damage from one or 10 too many glasses of vino collapso every week.

The reality of drinking rarely matches the glamour of the ads.

There’s about a five minute period in the pub when everyone’s still looking fresh and happy and they’re all laughing together over their first glass of the night.

But it doesn’t last long. Pretty soon the women are doing Lindsay Lohan impressions and the men are Gazza without the football skills.

Everyone agrees something needs to be done.

But what?

Maybe the double standards of the government’s approach would be a good place to start.

You want to encourage people not to drink?

Then don’t have drink sponsorship of sporting events.

While we’re at it, what were Walkers crisps doing sponsoring Sport Relief?!?!

Crisps and sport — really great partnership there.

It’s time for government to stop trying to have it both ways and take a direct approach, like the Finnish do.

Over there, if you want to buy alcohol that’s stronger than 4.7%, you have to get it from a government-run chain, called, simply, Alko.

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