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A book with a sting in the tail

By Robert McNeill

I don't want to sound obsessed with jellyfish, but increasingly they're making the headlines.

Recently, it was my duty to spread fear and alarm after they were found massing for attack around the coast of Northern Ireland. Then there was the time my feet caught a peculiar disease, allegedly (I don't want them to sue) from the evil creatures' spawn. Admittedly, that didn't make the headlines (except in the Bel Tel, where I reported it exclusively).

But now a new, headline-grabbing book – Stung! On Jellyfish and the Future of the Oceans, by Lisa-ann Gershwin – claims the alien-style creatures are taking over the maritime world.

She summarises their way of life as: "Hermaphroditism. Cloning. External fertilisation. Courtship and copulation. Fission. Fusion. Cannibalism."

Wow, sounds exactly like Belfast on a Friday night. There's even a zombie jelly that disintegrates and reforms itself.

Well, when they come, don't say I didn't warn yous.

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