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As heir to the throne, Prince Charles is truly leading a cushioned life

Robert McNeill

Uneasy lies the head that wears a crown. But uneasier still is the bottom that sits on a throne.

Not THE throne of Englandshire, you understand. But any throne. Thus Prince Charles, heir to the big seat, and a man who already has trouble with normal upholstery.

This week, his flunkeys were seen carrying the silk cushion without which the royal buttocks cannot make contact with any pew. Poor chap gets a bad back if he has to sit longer than an hour.

The red and gold cushion was spotted as His Nibs arrived by helicopter – dubbed 'British Heirways' – at yon Kensington Palace. The Prince waited patiently as key members of staff passed the cushion from the helicopter to the car, plumping it up before placing it carefully into position. Observers said Charles then lowered himself "gingerly" on to the back seat. Well, it's nice to see a royal lowering himself to something for a change.

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