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Bald truth is Mair's a radio star

By Robert McNeil

Eddie Mair is broadcasting's man of the moment. After skewering Boris "Hatstand" Johnson on The Andrew Marr Show, his star has risen.

However, it didn't have far to rise. His has always been an engaging voice on radio, partly because he leavens his forensic questioning with humour.

Now, there's talk of his displacing bandy-legged boobie Jeremy Paxman on the controversial Newsnight show.

Paxman's bullying has endeared him to few people beyond his immediate family, while his parochial anglo-centric enthusiasms reveal a limited outlook and lack of cosmopolitan savvy.

However, commendably, Eddie is playing down the hullabaloo. "For the record," he writes, "I don't want Jeremy's job. Or John's [as in Humphrys]. Or Andrew's [as in Marr]. I like mine."

His is host of the PM programme on BBC London's Radio 4 channel. They say you see the pictures better on radio, but Eddie hopes this isn't the case.

For his foray into television cruelly exposed his own weakness. Over-the-shoulder camera shots revealed that "what in my mind was my discreet but manageable bald spot is in fact the size of a dinner plate".

The distressing discovery has persuaded the broadcaster to remain in the darkness of the radio studio for ever. Poor Eddie. He has found his achilles heel. It's on his head.

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