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Chiles and Lineker nearly neck-in-neck on tie front

By Robert McNeil

Adrian Chiles has won a victory over his new bosses at ITV by refusing to wear a tie.

Yes, we men can fight our corner when the issue is important enough. The World Cup presenter didn't want it in the neck and told his bosses to go hang themselves.

It's an important point of principle for the Croatian Brummie, who projects himself as relaxed. He just about gets away with it, in terms of taste and decency, as he hasn't yet gone as far as opening three buttons, as they sometimes do on Match of the Day. The curious thing about the latter is that the presenter Gary Lineker and his two guests generally all do exactly the same. If one has two buttons open, they all will. It varies from week to week.

Going as far as three buttons — even two — is only real for them boys that has the hairy chest that comes up to the chin. If the open shirt reveals only potato-coloured skin then, by and large, you'd better button up.

I didn't know Mr Chiles had, in the past, applied for a job at MI6. He failed at the second interview. See? Should have worn a tie.

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