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Christina is looking Jolie fine to the eye

By Robert McNeil

Now Angelina Jolie is doing that thin thang. Her arms have withered to matchsticks and her legs look like they might snap at any moment.

Ye gods, why? Why do they do this? And why does her man, Brad Pitt the Younger, not say anything? He should be tempting her with pies and Dundee salad (chips).

At the other end of the scale — not literally, thankfully — is curvaceous beauty Christina Hendricks, out of hit television show Mad Men, who cannot get a designer gown because they don’t make them in her size.

The dopey designers who are ruining the world’s women only produce their peculiar habiliments in sizes 0 to 2.

To add insult to injury, Barbie have now made a doll of Ms Hendricks, which gets rid of her curves and turns her into the traditional stick-insect.

This is all nuts.

Despite Equalities Minister Lynne Featherstone rightly ordering British women to get the same kind of body as Ms Hendricks, the fashion industry and associated media vampires maintain the pretence that thin is still in, while ordinary men and women clamour for more realistic role models.

Make no bones about it, the days of the skeletal supermodel are coming to an end. They shall go the way of all flesh.

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