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Clint's just not making my day

By Robert McNeill

If I say Clint, you say Eastwood. That's how famous the veteran Hollywood actor is. He made his name as The Man With No Name.

I'm a big fan, even if I haven't seen half his films. I've got all the cowboy ones but no Dirty Harries, as I don't approve of that sort of thing, whatever it is. Neither have I seen the ones involving an orangutan.

I haven't watched Planet of the Apes either, and you'll just have to chalk this simian antipathy down to another of my prejudices, like baldies, fatties and cyclists. I'm at a difficult age.

However, regarding the aforementioned Clint, the allegation is that he has stooped. You say: "Stooped to what? Speak plainly, man, and wipe the drool from your chin."

Stooped to appearing on reality TV, that's what. Yup, sold out to take part in Mrs Eastwood -amp; Company, brainchild of his surprisingly younger wife, Dina.

Outraged Clintologists have even sent her death threats. So, has The Man With No Name become the Man With No Shame?

I wouldn't say so. Clint seems easy-going about it all. His appearances on the show are fleeting. In truth, he lacked the pomposity to tell his wife that this sort of nonsense was beneath his status. But it is.


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