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Cooking up sweet treat like Nigella

By Robert McNeill

Thank goodness for cooking. If it hadn't been invented, we'd spend most of our days chewing the fat, as it were. Cooking softens our food, making it palatable, and kills bugs whose main mission in life is to kill us.

This week, scientists at Harvard Polytechnic claimed humans cooked their first meals 1.9 million years ago. They say it was a crucial episode in our controversial history and that it was first carried out by our slightly risqué-sounding forebear, homo erectus.

Today, when we've evolved into homo sitdownus, it's difficult to conceive of a world without cooking. Without cooking, we'd have had no Nigella Lawson, which is unthinkable.

Think how rotten our food would be too. I'm forever buying cold salady meals, looking at them guiltily every time I open the fridge for another pie, then breathing a sigh of relief as the use-by date passes - and I can safely throw them out.


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