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Council in pole position

By Robert McNeil

We congratulate the group of Cornish councillors who went on a “fact finding mission” — to a pole-dancing club.

Councillors have to keep themselves up to speed with what is going on in the world around them.

They need to know who is taking off what, and where.

Pole-dancing, I should explain, for those of you who live sheltered lives, does not involve dancing with a person of eastern European extraction.

It involves a lady of an unretiring nature gyrating up and then — quite logically — down a pole in a state of partial undress. I think I have outlined the facts impartially enough for them to be cited in any official paper dealing with the subject.

Ten members of Cornwall Council's Miscellaneous Licensing Committee volunteered to inspect this activity, and three officials were also public spirited enough to join them. The venue was the Temptations T2 “gentlemen's club”, and the councillors wanted to see if it was breaking any rules and perhaps to check that the poles conformed to health and safety standards.

The usual moaners have branded the visit “appalling and unnecessary”, but these are the same sort of folk who then accuse councillors of not living in the real world. The Cornwall councillors must be commended for their diligent research.

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