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Critics give poor Kim a bum rap

By Robert McNeill

Where do you stand on women's bottoms? It's not a subject I want to discuss at length. Besides, you can't tell women anything, particularly about femininity.

But I was distressed to see criticism of Kim Kardashian's jutting behind. The jutting occurred during a trip to Florence. Top personality Kim wore what was described as an unflattering grey woollen frock, which made her bahookey pout.

But isn't the current trend for woman to have humungous butts? It's so confusing.

Poor Kim. It's a right shame for her. She also got a slating because, rather than visit museums and other thrilling venues in fancy Florence, she went shopping.

Like Kim, I've got to be up front. I've never been to Florence. But if I did go, I'd check out the shops too. Who wouldn't? You can't just stare at folk's Titians all day.

All I remember about Prague was the McDonald's. I'd been to a couple of the peculiar city's restaurants. Nobody, back then at any rate, spoke British, the food was all pork, and they kept bringing you beer when you didn't want any but felt obliged to drink it.

Prague had fancy architecture, but McDonald's was the highlight of the trip. See, Kim and I have so much in common, not just our jutting butts.


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