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Dappy's tinnitus is a real bum rap

By Robert McNeill

Many of you will be familiar with Dappy out of N-Dubz. He's a rapper. It's grim work but somebody's got to do it.

Reading up about Dappy for essential research, I find that he and I have much in common.

And when I say much, I mean one thing: tinnitus. Yup, continuous noise in the earlobe.

As a dedicated introvert craving peace and quiet, the Lord has blessed me with this affliction, yea, so that my life here on Earth might be tested in the hellfires of misery.

I don't remember being consulted about that.

Tinnitus can drive folk nuts, but there are ways of coping. I find that weeping helps.

Dappy puts tapes of rain on to help him sleep over the noise, whereas I put on old comedies or philosophical discussions.

Interestingly, neither of us puts on rap music because, deep down, we both know it's a worse curse on the ears.


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