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Despite the critics, Kate Moss continues to wear it well

By Robert McNeill

I've followed the career of supermodel Kate Moss with great interest, particularly these last few years.

It's because I love to read of celebrities who party and ingest all manner of badness, yet still look great on it.

Examples abound, and they're a slap in the face to those of us who go to bed early after nothing worse than an overheaped teaspoonful of hot chocolate.

Alas, Kate is at last showing signs of ageing caused by fags and booze. She's even getting "curves" – ie she's put on weight – and has a hint of belly, which is not what the world expects of its waifs.

Pictured recently on the beach at Formentera, Spainshire, I wondered too if she was starting to look a bit sallow about the gills. Difficult to tell.

Even if she were, I'm sure she'd scrub up well. That's a skill many women have, while men are left with grim but honest faces.

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