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Did ancient man spend all day pottering about?

By Robert McNeill

You can't beat a good crannog, and archaeologists appear to have discovered a doozy in a Fermanagh bog.

It lies in the path of the Cherrymount Link bypass, at Drumclay on the outskirts of Enniskillen. A crannog was a house built on water, leading archaeologists to believe it must have been easier to get a mortgage in the past than it is now.

The guys and gals with trowels have turned up a lot of combs, putting the find firmly in the pre-baldie era. They've also turned up leather shoes, bone-handled knives and pins for the ladies' frocks.

But, as usual, the biggest find has been pottery.

It's the same the world over, on every archaeological site: ruddy pottery. Archaeologists say the new find rewrites our understanding of Ulster's history.

Yup. Pottery evening classes were clearly popular in ancient times. As in trendy villages today, every second emporium must have been a craft shop.


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