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Did tricky Dicky take flirting with the Mafia just a bit too literally?

By Robert McNeill

Revelations that tricky Dicky Nixon may have been gay wouldn't be worthy of comment were it not for the fact that the man presented himself as homophobic. In private, he was also anti-Semitic and misogynistic. Nice chap.

The former American president, brought down by the Watergate scandal, may well have been intimate with Bebe Rebozo, his buddy with the Mafia connections.

Who cares? What's really interesting is the nature of Florida-based Rebozo. The son of a Cuban cigar-maker, he got rich first through property speculation then through banking. His bank was allegedly used by the Mob to launder cash. Reporters on one New York newspaper that investigated Rebozo's Mafia links were put under secret service surveillance. Just like in Communist countries.

The Cuban Revolution - like all such upheavals - became corrupted eventually.

But reading about Rebozo reminds us of the ghastly sorts that Castro kicked out - before he became a homophobic old tyrant himself.


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