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Digital library will give me peace and quiet

By Robert McNeill

I ain't got an e-reader yet, but it's only a matter of time.

Meantime, Amazon is planning an e-library service where punters borrow rather than buy e-books.

E-books are said to be replacing old-fashioned hard copies, the staple of struggling high street bookseller Waterstone's, which is about to complicate matters by launching its own digital reader.

That sounds, on the face of it, like a nose-cutting exercise inspired by spite.

Spite may also lie behind the firm's decision to axe its three-for-two deals. Mind you, I've always found the third choice problematic, and so might be seen exeunting with War And Peace, Great Expectations, and The Observer's Book Of Trousers. But at least we went home with actual books.

That said, I like the sound of the e-library. That sound is quietness, in contrast to the nightclub levels of racket often experienced in public libraries today.


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