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Dolly showed a lot of pluck defying her old grandad

By Robert McNeill

I was informed the other day that some women shave their legs all the time and others not at all. When I say "informed", I don't mean the intelligence was conveyed to me by a dispatch rider from the Government.

It just came up in conversation. All the same, this was more eye-popping news from the world of women.

Some time later, I was musing lightly on the matter when I turned over the newspaper page and read that Dolly Parton's grandfather belonged to a loony Pentecostal sect that didn't want women to shave their legs or pluck their eyebrows.

"But," added the Southern belle and country singer, "Lord have mercy, can you picture me?" Always a pleasure to picture Dolly, though perhaps not with hairy legs and wild, unplucked eyebrows.

Luckily, Dolly defied Granda, who came eventually to see the error of his ways. That said, he may not have known that the singer of hits like Jolene and I Will Always Love You modelled her looks on those of the town "tramp".

By this, she meant a lady of the night, and not some old boy in a slimy raincoat and unfeasibly unpleasant trousers. Still, at least these benighted fellows are under no obligation to shave their legs or pluck their brows.


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