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Don't be embarrassed girls, even I wobble a bit when I'm on treadmill

By Robert McNeill

Fear of embarrassment is stopping ladies from going to the gym, according to a survey by mental health charity Mind.

Two-thurdz of burdz feel self-conscious about their body shape, while six out of ten worry that their bits will wobble in an unseemly manner.

Sixty-five per cent fear their lack of co-ordination will make them look silly.

Gals, gals, gals, get a grip. Look at me.

Not literally. Just consider this: I only have to look at a treadmill for my face to turn the hue of a radioactive tomato.

It's just the way I'm made: rubbish.

But I just get on with it.

Generally, gyms feature all shapes and sizes, and most folk find the mirror-worship of the men in vests and women in lycra vaguely risible, while fat folk having a go get our admiration.

Courage, mes braves! Wobble forth with loopy legs and heed not the tittering narcissists.


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