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Emily's fashion sense is simply out of this world

By Robert McNeill

I've never got a handle on Newsnight presenter Emily Maitlis. Paxman, we know, is a bandly-legged Scotophobe with syphilis of the psyche.

Maitlis has this hawk-like countenance that suggests UFO invasion. If serious paranoia erupted about aliens being among us, she'd be the first interrogated.

Not that I've anything against the bonny lass. I don't watch Newsnight any more, so am working mostly from memory. I'm also unfamiliar with the Sontarans from Dr Who. Mother never mentioned them in her weekly series of family lectures: "What to expect from life and how to clear it up." However, being a Sontaran is the allegation against Emily. It's because of some daft frock she wore to discuss current affairs. According to leading intellectuals on yon Twitter, it resembles Sontaran garb.

She's been slated for it. Ironically, Emily says she hates folk focusing on her habiliments when she's trying to be serious about the news. Yet the garment was a designer "future retro cocktail dress" costing £700. So she must take dressing up pretty seriously. Why wear a designer dress anyway? You wouldn't buy an "architect-designed" house - they're always peculiar. Paxman you can understand getting specially designed trousers for his banana legs. But, next time Emily is back at the mothership, she should just choose something off-the-peg.


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