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Even her fashion sense is Gaga...

By Robert McNeill

You'll be gagging for Gaga news. The peculiar chanteuse had disappeared from all our lives, on account of suffering a hip injury.

As the Gagster herself put it: "My cartilage was hanging out." Of course, folk like me who never get double entendres, thought this was code for something rude.

But, no, she meant her actual cartilage, and it wasn't hanging out as adornment to one of her frocks made of meat. She's since had surgery for an injury that she says left coin-shaped holes in her legs. The woman's falling to bits.

For a while, she was plootering aboot in a Louis Vuitton wheelchair, which sounds a bit like an Apple nasal hair-remover or a Fender kazoo.

However, she's up and aboot noo, and was photographed tasting fake blood off a naked body in an art installation in yonder New York. As you do.

She doesn't look too great around the phizog in the latest pics. Indeed, she never looks the same for long, radically changing her features.

This highlights the scary way that women can look totally different with make-up and stuff.

Fashion commentators noted La Gaga was wearing a "cut-out" dress that offered a strategic view of her underwear. I'm sure I've a ragged set of overalls like that.

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